SAKATAT "Bir Devrin Sonu"


"This one's an absolute, complete scorcher! Such a sharp guitar sound, incisive riffs that could shred and mince through your flesh, rapidfire drumming going at demented speeds, ultra-tight snare skin poundings that feel like stabs through the ear-drum... These maniacal throat-splitting shrieking vocals give the coup-de-grâce. A guaranteed killing." Braindead

“Sakatat succeed by burning grindcore down to its most basic constituent parts and then kicking their fucking asses with energy and aplomb. Enjoy all eight minutes of 'Bir Devrin Sonu' because Sakatat have just called it quits. They weren’t joking when they named their album End of an Era.” Grind and Punishment

“It is better to burn out than to fade away, and what a blazing funeral pyre Sakatat have provided themselves with. Patently laconic, but there is no lack of joy and energy to be derived from their few short soars of old school grindcore purity, sharpened with amazing production value; all hell breaks loose as Sakatat pour every last joule of energy, every lesson learnt and every bit of protest they have into a dense 8 minute rupture last felt in Krakatau 1883.” Grind To Death

“Unfortunately, this may be the last release we’ll see from this Turkish grindcore band, but man did they go out with a ripper of an album. Keeping it brief at a scant 8 minutes, “Bir Devrin Sonu” is about as solid as a grind album can get. The only thing this album does is blast; fast and efficiently.” Operation Grindcore

“Unfortunately, like all the cool bands, they’ve called a quits following the release of this excellent album. A bit short for my liking, Bir Devrin Sonu is an exceptionally great grind album that’s fresh sounding in its varied style, dynamic vocals and impressive riff catalog and great production.” Perpetual Strife

"In only eight minutes this notable Turkish grindcore outfit delivers a farewell release that is worthy of tracking down on either CD or one-side LP (no matter where you have to steal the money from). Totally blistering neo-grind, it's a shame it's the band's last release." Short Fast & Loud

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Much love and respect to everyone who has shared our passion for raw grindcore  over the last 8 years and had fun with us while we could, especially those who have set up gigs and booked tours for us, fed us and shared their homes with us, everyone who has attended our gigs, bands we played and toured with, friends who drove us around in faraway lands, all the DIY labels that have released and distributed our records, friends who recorded our sloppy tunes, underground artists, fanzines and webzines that have supported us and last but not least all the collectives, autonomous spaces and activists who've helped keep this community alive!

Fuck the borders! Long live the international D.I.Y. community!

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